Demis Roussos

Goodbye My Love

Demis Roussos

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Goodbye My Love

	  		G              C             Bm           Em  
Hear the wind sing a sad, old song   
Am              D7                 G  
it knows I'm leaving you today  
                  C            Bm            Em 
please dont cry or my heart will break  
C         D7             G  
when I go on my way  

G D7 Goodbye, my love, goodbye, G Goodbye and au revoir D7 As long as you remember me C G I'll never be too far D7 Goodbye, my love, goodbye, G I always be true D7 so hold me in your dreams C D7 G till I come back to you G C Bm Em See the stars in the sky above Am D7 G They'll shine wherever I may roam C Bm Em I'll pray every lonely night C D7 G That soon they'll guide me home

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