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Demi Lovato

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by victborges

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Intro: F#m G  D Em  A Bm  A Bm (2x) 

Verse 1:
G          Em  
  Spitting fire back 
and forth now 
G            Em 
  Times have changed 
in just a few months 
G              Em 
  Neighbors complaining 
from the figthing 
G           A 
  Why can't things 
be the same 
  Maybe I'm just a 
little bit cautious 
of what I gonna 
say when I 
tell you I can't 
live this way 
  I don't know 
what to expect 
from someone 
who's so insane 

F#m G Why can't I get D Em through the night G A Without another fight Em F#m I'm tired of the hurting F#m G Is it really worth it D Em Am I all alone again G A Cause I am kind of feeling like I'm screaming Em F#m with my mouth shut F#m G D Em When it's really o pen A Bm A Bm Oh...
Verse 2: G Em Bm The only noises in my head are consumed of your voice G Em Bm From all the pain and hatred G Em Bm How long can you kick G somebody down before A Bm a foot breaks (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: G And I knew that you A would fabricate the situation Bm A Just for the sake of G our need for attention I'm sick of always A being the one Bm to always break down always melt down A in the end Oh no G A And maybe this time D It's a sign C That independence and I G are finally catching on A Bm I don't need you to rely on (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Intro once) Outro: F#m G Spitting fire back D Em and forth now A Bm Times have changed A Bm in just a few months

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