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And That Reminds Me Chords

Della Reese

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by Somsat

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And That Reminds Me

I hear the sound of music,  
Your favorite kind of music.  
 Dm                           G        C 
And that reminds me dear of you.  
I see the summer roses,  
Your favorite kind of roses  
 F#m            B                  E         G7 
And that reminds me to of you,    dear  

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If I could hear no music,  
If there could be no roses  
 Dm              G                           Em        C7     A7 
No summer nights to make me   dream as I        do.  
 F               Fm 
Perhaps, I might forget you.  
 C7                     A7 
But in my heart I know  
 Dm           G                    C                    G#7  (mudar o tom) 
That I need no reminder to miss you so. 
I hear the sound of music... 


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