Years Go By


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by  TIMSMITH_0787

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Years Go By

Bm                          D 
  Looking back across the years 
             A               E 
  We?ve had joy, we?ve had tears 
Bm                            D 
  Hand in hand we?ve run the race 
        A              E 
  Gratitude for your grace 
Bm       E         A           E        D 
  Thank you every time you?ve led us through 
  F#m  D              E      A 
  Always you are the fire in me 
               E               D 
  The years go by and still I fly 
       A        F#m E   A 
  On wings like eagle?s 
               E                 D 
  You take me high where angels cry 
     A    F#m E   A 
  Glory forever 
Bm                        D 
  Looking back we had a dream 
       A            E 
  History we will make 
Bm                          D 
  Let the broken let the strong 
             A         E 
  Live our lives as a song 
Bm       E              A       E         D 
  Thank you you?re the one who keeps it true 
  F#m  D              E      A 
  Always you are the fire in me 
Solo ? maybe one day! 


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