Intimate Stranger


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Intimate Stranger

	  		Intimate Stranger 
FI lift my Dmeyes to You 
FEyes that have Dmseen a thing or two 
Who is this Fstranger in my Clife? 
FI lift my Dmhands to You 
FHands that have Dmcarried what is true 
Intimate Fstranger be my Clife 
FJeGmsus I Amlove BbYou 
FJeGmsus I aAmdore BbYou 
DmJeCsus You Bbstill have my afGmfection 
And my Fsong wil Cbe "I Bblove FYou" 
FI lift my Dmvoice to You 
FLips that have Dmcried a prayer or two 
Beautiful Fstranger fill my Clife 
I Flift up my Dmheart in praise to 
FThe Saviour whose Dmdeath made all things new 
Intimate Fstranger only CYou 


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