I Don't Mind


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I Don't Mind


G                    Dsus4/F#  
Let's talk about the old days,  
Em		     C  
Let's talk about your friends,  
G		     Dsus4/F#  
Let's talk about the summer  
Em			    C  
And how you wish it wouldn't end.  

G		Dsus4/F#  
Did I forget to tell you,  
Em			  C  
How pretty you looked in that dress?  
G			 Dsus4/F#  
In the first time that I saw you,  
Em	                    C  
You cleaned the mess from my head.  

Am D And I don't mind, G Dsus4/F# Em If we take our time. C D No, G I don't mind.
(Just Repeat the same progressions from there) Verse: Lets go walkin' on the boardwalk, Dip our feet into the sea. Lets find ourselves lost for hours, Until we find ourselves a drink. Verse: Lets talk that sun into setting, Just need the sound of your voice. Need that calming and the comfort, Something to drown out the noise.
And I don't mind, If we take our time, 'Cause I'm all yours If you're all mine.
Verse: (single strum and let ring) Something I've been meanin' to tell you, About three years and a day. I'd very much like to get married, Maybe have kids and move away, Verse: 'Cause there ain't nothing like your smile, Your legs and those eyes. I will beg and steal and borrow To keep you safe your whole life.
And I don't mind, If we take our time, 'Cause I'm all yours If you're all mine.

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