Dear Reader

Everything Is Caving

Dear Reader

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Everything Is Caving

Capo on 2nd fret

G                       Am 
Why is it that sadness doesn't make a sound? 
   Em                   C 
I don't want you around 
G                               Am 
I gave you all I had, then you swiftly gave it back 
  Em                      C 
I don't know what you want 

 D   Em     C   Am 
(Ooooooh... Oooooh)       (x2) 

G                      Am 
Everything is caving, falling into ruin 
 Em              C 
Everybody learns 
G                            Am 
We spend most our lives just picking up the mess 
    Em                 C 
But there is never less 

D   Em     C   Am 
Ooooooh... Oooooh.        (x2) 

G                            Am 
A broken little boy from the window where he fell 
  Em                   C 
I did not love him well 
    G                        Am 
If Jesus is my friend then I don't know where he went  
         Em                  C 
With the heart that he stole 

               Em                G 
I look in your eyes and there I see 
             D                  Am 
A version of me I'd like to meet 
              Em             G 
While lying alone inside the dark 
            D                Am 
Wondering what our lives are for 
                C                  Em 
I must cut them out and zip them up      
                    G                D 
In the palms of my hands so I can look 
            Em               G 
Whenever I feel like giving up 
                   D               Am 
But then you'd be blind so I must stop 

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chords Dear Reader - Everything Is Caving
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