Dear And The Headlights

Skinned Knees Gapped Teeth

Dear And The Headlights

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Skinned Knees Gapped Teeth


Intro and Verse: F, E, A, A, D, F 

was it a broken arm or collar bone 
it depended on the week 
and me with my black eyes 

stitched from head to feet 
uncomfortably happy 
all skinned knees and gapped teeth... 

F and when you taped over G a good half of the wedding tape F G i bet you never thought thundercats would ever make you cry F you sat in disbelief G as lionel made plans to F slay the whole wedding party G F they're discodancing to their deaths E oh, ma, you just don't know it yet
Intro/Verse again and then the Chorus.

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chords Dear And The Headlights - Skinned Knees Gapped Teeth
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