David Olney

Women Across The River

David Olney

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Women Across The River

	  		(D)The women across the river  

Carry (G)water from the well at the break of (D)day 

And they (D)talk to one another  

(G)God only knows what they might (D)say 

You might (G)get an education after years of dedication 

You might finally get a glimpse of what is right 

And what is (D)wrong 

The women across the river (A)well, they knew that all (D)along 

(D)Women across the river 

Work with (G)tools that are ancient and hand-(D)made 

They (D)plough the fields in perfect rows 

And (G)then, they rest beneath the (D)shade 

Now we (G)have learned to build out of concrete out of steel 

And our buildings last a thousand years  

But then even they are bound to (D)fall 

But the women across the river, (A)never learned to build a (D)wall 

(D)The women across the river 

Are as (G)gentle as the dew upon the (D)ground 

I (D)love to hear them laughing in the (G)rain  

When it makes the perfect (D)sound 

Now a (G)soldier with a gun and a battle to be won 

Might kill you with a bullet and you'd never even know the reason (D)why 

But the women across the river, (A)they can kill you with their (D)eyes 

The women across the river, (A)they can kill you with their (D)eyes 


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