David Bazan

Trouble With Boys

David Bazan

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Trouble With Boys

	  		verse 1 
C                        G 
  All your trouble with boys 
Am                        F 
  Like you're making a choice 
C                           G 
  Still  you really don't know 
Am                   F        C    
  Why they treat you so   so bad 

verse 2 
C                                  G 
  Your stepbrother smirks that it has 
Am                         F 
  Nothing to do with your dad 
C                                       G 
  And you dream that the sound of his voice 
Am                 F                       C   G   Am   F 
  Might melt them away  your trouble with boys 

Em                              Am 
  And you wonder what he would say 
          C        F 
And would it be enough 
Em          Am 
     Either way 
           C        F 
You are worthy of love 
Em                    C   G   Am   F 
   You are worthy of love 

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