David Bazan

Little Landslides

David Bazan

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Little Landslides


Intro Riff Plays a B bar chord and the bass note changes from:  

B - A - F# - E - B  

verse 1 
B                          Asus2 
  I've gotta get out of my body 
      E            Asus2 
And into muddier streams 
B                     Asus2 
  Remember what I was doing 
            E                  Asus2 
And gather up  first fruits to bring 
B                  Asus2 
  Coax it into the open 
     E              Asus2 
But not by smoke or drink 
B                      Asus2 
  Little twist of the compass 
          E               B 
Little landslide on the brink 

        Asus            E 
Sit and think      And think 
      B                Asus2 
And think          And think 
      E                   B (to intro riff) 
And think          And 

verse 2 
B                             Asus2 
  Another young man tells his story 
             E                       B 
Before his heart is even broken one time 
           E                              B 
Like a stand-up who forgets his punchlines 
Asus2     E                       Asus2 
    So  before you hand over the kingdom key 
E                            B 
    For a lifetime of free drinks 
                       E                               B 
Know you'll stare at that face a long time before he winks 

        Asus            E 
Stop and think      And think 
      B                Asus2 
And think          And think 
      E                   B (to intro riff) 
And think          And 

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