David Allan Coe

Drank My Wife Away

David Allan Coe

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Drank My Wife Away

Capo on 3rd fret

Intro:  D A D 

D                                G 
Lately I been drinkin? too much whiskey 
D                              A 
I been, gettin? drunk now everyday 
D                             G 
I can't sober up, to face the heartache 
D              A             D 
Knowin? that I Drank My Wife Away 

D                                 G 
She told me to stop drinkin?, or she'd leave me 
D                                   A 
I never heard one word she tried to say 
D                                   G 
Instead of holdin? her, I held the bottle 
D               A             D 
Until I finally Drank My Wife Away 

G D Just pour me, a double shot of whiskey A I'll be here, till I drink up all my pay D (stop) G Between Jim Beam, George Dickel, and Jack Daniel?s D A D I guess(think) I?ll finally Drank My Wife Away.
D G I been tryin? hard, to drowned my sorrow D A Ever since that woman, went a stray D G And the jukebox knows that I'm bound, and determined D A D To do my best to Drank My Wife Away. D G Please don't cut me off, or I?ll go crazy D A I've lost, everything except my mind D G Now I'll give my car keys, to the barmaid D A D You can call me a cab, at closin? time. Chorus D A D I think I finally Drank My Wife Away

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