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Please Come to Boston Chords

Dave Loggins

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by Nightlord

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Please Come to Boston

	  **Capo 2nd Fret 

(D) Please Come to Boston For the (G) springtime 

I'm (D) stayin' with some friends and they got (G) lots of room. 

(Em) You can sell you paintings on the (D) sidewalk 

By a (Bm) cafe' where I (A) hope to be (G) working soon 

(D) Please come to Boston She said (A) no boy you come home to (D) me. 

   And she said (D) ramblin' boy why don't you (A) settle down. 

(D) (1.Boston, 2. Denver 3. L.A.) ain't your (A) kind of town. 

(D) There ain't no gold and there ain't nobody like (G) me. 

I"I'm the (Em) number one fan of the (A) man from Tennessee.(D) 

(D) Please come to Denver to watch the (G) snowfall 

We'll (D) move up into the mountains so far that we (G) can't be found 

(Em) Throw I love you echoes down the (D) canyon 

And then(Bm) lye awake at (A) night till they come (G) back around. 

(D) Please come to Denver she said (A) no boy you come home to (D) me. 

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Now this (Bm) drifters world goes (A) round and round and I (G) doubt if 
it's ever gonna stop (D) 

And of (Bm) all the dreams I've (A) lost and found and(G) all that I ain't 

I need to (Em) lean to. Somebody I can (A) sing to. 

(D) Please come to L.A to live (G) forever. 

The (D) California life alone is (G) just too hard to live 

We'll (Em) live in a house that looks out over the (D) ocean 

There's some (Bm) stars that fell (A) from the sky livin up (G) on a hill. 

(D) Please come to L.A she said (A) no boy you come home to me.(D) 

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I'm the number on fan of the man from Tennessee x2

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