Dave Hause

Same Disease (acoustic)

Dave Hause

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Same Disease (acoustic)

Capo on 2nd fret

I only ever want it cause it makes me sick 
So give it to me now and give it to me quick 
Like a lime diseased parasitic little tick 
        A                            B 
Latched on and burrowed in until the poison sticks 

Don't bother trying to tell me it'll make me sick 
I can quiet down the bees after a couple sniffs 
She says "c'mon, pull it together baby get a grip" 
        A                         B 
But her hands on my hip and she's biting my lip 

        C#m           A                E                    B 
I don't want, I don't want it cause it just keeps making me sick 
  C#m           A                    E                        B 
I want it, oh I want it I can't feel alive unless I'm feeling sick 

I think she fell in love because it made her sad 
You can get pretty good at feeling pretty bad 
I thought this thing was tight thought it was ironclad 
        A                               B 
But I think she fell in love because it made her sad 

She fed a bitter river now she's up to her throat 
She set fire to the dock and to the motorboat 
Now she's screaming at me to come and keep her afloat 
        A                          B 
It's a poison she designed with no antidote 

          C#m                A                  E                     B 
She don't love it, she don't love it because it just keeps making her sad 
    C#m           A                       E                          B 
She loves it, she loves it she can't feel alive unless she's feeling sad 
       C#m    A        E     B 
Now I'm wide awake and well aware 
       C#m        A              B        E 
That our sick sad hearts are our cross to bear 
    C#m           A         E         B 
And I'd heal that sick if I thought I could 
                 A             B  
And the sad must get old baby, oh baby... 

              A                   B 
We've got the same disease set me free 
              A                      B 
We've got the same disease let's get free 

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