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Awesome in This Place Chords

Dave Billington

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by wenderjunior

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Awesome in This Place

Amaj7/E  C#m11 
 As  I   come into Your presence 
 Past the gates of praise 
 Into Your sanctuary 
             A2                    E/G# 
 'Til we're standing face to face; 
   Bsus              B 
 I look upon Your countenance 
           C#m      B          A2 
 I see the fullness of Your grace 
E/G#       F#m7      E/G#  Amaj7 Bsus 
 And I can only bow down    and say. 
B Amaj7/B  Esus              E 
 "You are awesome in this place 
 Mighty God 
E/G#      A                 A/B 
 You are awesome in this place 
       E  A/B 
 Abba Father; 
          E      F#m7           E/G# 
 You are worthy of all our praise 
    A2        E/G#       F#m7 
 To You our lives we raise 
 You are awesome in this place 
 Amaj7/B   E 
 Mighty   God." 


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