Darren Criss


Darren Criss

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(Darren Criss)

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	  		I hate where I'm at 
                    B   B7 
Acting crazy like that 
                        E   E7 
I know that I've been wrong 
                                  B  B7 
It's something I've been working on 
                         E      E7 
And I don't know what to do 
                               B    B7 
It's changing me, It's killing you 
                                E    E7 
I'd tear out my insides if I could 
                                B      B7 
But I don't know if it'd do me good 
                                     E   E   Em 
Ooh, I'm sorry friends, I'm sorry lovers 
                        Ab    B 
To put us all in this mess 
                           E    F#  
I know we still got each other 
               Ab           B 
When I'm in distress 
                  E                        Em 
Everytime that I feel like I've figured it out 
   Abm                     B7 
I can't seem to figure it in 
It's got nothing to do with me 
      Bb       B         
It's not even you, you see 
     Bb          Ab 
It's part of my chemistry 
           G    F# 
It's this jealousy 
                    E      E7 
In absolutely no position 
                       B    B7 
To be so needlessly unkind 
                               E      E7 
Cos I'mma run right in this fiction 
                   B      B7 
Make it real in my mind 
                             E      E7 
It drives me crazy in the morning 
                            B         B7 
Who is this monster in the mirror? 
                         E          E7 
Try to get the steam to fog it out 
                         B       B7 
But I just can't get it clear 
                                   E     E  Em 
Oh, and I can't stand what I'm feeling 
                              Ab      B 
It's just like poison in my veins 
                 E        F# 
I know that I'm speaking 
                           Ab      B 
But I don't know what I'm saying 
                       E                            Em 
Cos every time that I feel like the world just got lighter 
    Abm                       B7 
It seems like my muscles give out 
It's got nothing to do with me 
     Bb       B 
It's not even you, you see 
     Bb          Ab 
It's part of my chemistry 
          G     F# 
It's this jealousy 
And I'm hearing your voice 
Babe you know it's your choice 
      B       B7 
Maybe so 
And I know it's no use 
             E                  F# 
But it's the only excuse that I know, know, know 
       E     E7 
Let me go 
       B     B7 
Let me go 
       E     E7 
Oh let me go 
                B   B7 
oh oh oh let me go 
                         E                  E7 
Now let's be real I feel just like a child 
                                    B     B7 
Man, someone could be taking all my toys 
                      E      E7 
Call me dumb, call me wise 
                                 B      B7 
See that's the thing with little boys 
                                          F#      F 
Ohhhhhh, I know I can't get it out in the shower 
                      Bbm    C# 
Or drink it up at the bar 
                  F#      Ab 
This sugar's gone sour 
And it's gone way too far 
                  F#                                    F 
Every time that I feel like I'm riding so high, feel on top of the world 
    Bbm                               Eb7 
The b*tch just keeps telling me "no!" 
It's got nothing to do with me 
     F        F# 
It's not even you, you see 
     F          Eb 
It's part of my chemistry 
     F        F# 
This demon is killing me 
    F              Ebm 
And oh Christ it's filling me 
It's this jealousy 
Ab        F# 
Oh I just can't believe  
        A              Ab           F# 
In this jealousy, this jealousy for you 
        F#m                         C# 
Oh this jealousy, this jealousy for you	 

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