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I Will Run To You Chords

Darlene Zschech

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by wilfredmanahan

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I Will Run To You

	    VERSE 1 
 G      C/G    D/G      G 
  Your eye is  on the sparrow, 
           C/G      D/F#     Em  Em/D 
  And Your hand, it comforts me 
           F/C          C 
  From the ends of the earth, 
          D        D/F#   G 
  To the depths of  my  heart, 
            C           Am       Dsus  D 
  Let Your mercy and strength be seen 
  VERSE 2 
       C      C/D       G       G/B 
  You call me to  Your purpose, 
     C      D      Em   Em/D 
  As angels understand 
           F/C   C 
  For Your glo - ry, 
           D   D/F#  G 
  May You draw  all men, 
  G/B      C         D      G 
  As Your love and grace demands 
             C/G  D/G  G           D/F#  B/D#  Em 
  And I will run  to  You, to Your words  of  truth 
          Am7          G/B 
  Not by might, not by power, 
               C   A/C#    D 
  But by the Spir - it of God 
   G         C/G  D/G  G           D/F#  B/D#  Em 
  Yes I will run  the race, 'til I see   Your face 
            Am7          G/B  Dsus      Gsus  G 
  Oh let me live in the glory  of  Your grace 


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