Danielle Ate The Sandwich

Public Property

Danielle Ate The Sandwich

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Public Property


G G6 Cmaj7 D 
I'm not yours anymore 
I belong to everyone every where 
Who will take me out to the ball game 
I am ready to root, root for the home team 

I'm not yours anymore than  
The litter owns the beach 
I'm not yours anymore than  
Than the dust owns the TV screen 

G D G D  

G G6 Cmaj7 D 
I am skeleton strong my body moves brilliantly 
There are wonders that function inside me while I sleep 
All the doctors of modern medicine couldn't put their finger on it 
How can I be autonomous and yet too foolish to believe... 

G D G D 
People take your children to the playground 
People drink the water from the fountain 
(G G6 Cmaj7 D) 
And Use me  
Use Me 

High Instrumental (G G6 Cmaj7 D) 
(I'm not yours anymore than the sparrow owns the tree 
I'm not yours anymore, I'm public property) 

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