Daniel Martin Moore


Daniel Martin Moore

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verse 1 

Make your choice 
A                     E 
Let it be the one you need 
Don't lose your way 
A                E 
Just for any old thing 
It's not what you thought 
A                        E 
It's not what you wanted to see 
              F#m                        A 
But spring in the land, and light in the day 
Wasn't it good anyway? 

F#m A E Anyway? oooh F#m A E Anyway? oooh
verse 2 F#m A Distant rumble, tattered and scared E There's no way to make it fair F#m A What remains of who we are E And what's left of how we cared? F#m A Slow down, steady now E Be here in this place F#m A And hit your stride in your own time E Who's watching anyway?
F#m A E Anyway? oooh F#m A E Anyway? oooh
Outro: (x2) F#m A E

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