Daniel Kahn And The Painted Bird

Arbeter Froyen Chords

Daniel Kahn And The Painted Bird

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by bombaXXX

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Arbeter Froyen

  		Cm                      Fm 
Arbeter froyen, laydnde froyen! 
                        B       Eb 
Froyen, vos shmakhtn in hoyz un fabrik 
Cm                                        Fm 
Vos shteyt ir fun vaytn? vos helft ir nit boyen 
                            B            Eb 
Dem templ fun frayhayt, fun mentshlekhn glik? 

Fm                   Eb        Fm 
Helft undz trogn dem baner dem roytn 
B                                       Eb 
Forverts, durkh shturem, durkh finstere nekht! 
Fm                    Cm             B 
Helft undz vorhayt un likht tsu farshpreytn 
Eb                 Gm      Cm 
Tsvishn umvisende, elente knekht! 

Cm                         Fm 
Hardworking women, arbeter women 
                    B            Eb 
Women who labor in factories and homes 
Cm                             Fm 
Join in the fight for its only beginning 
                               B         Eb 
And no one should stand in the struggle alone 

Fm                   Eb        Fm 
Let us all carry the reg flag together 
B                                    Eb 
Weathering storms in the dark of the night 
Fm                    Cm       B 
Building a temple of freedom forever 
Eb                    Gm        Cm 
Helping each other to carry the light 

Cm Fm 
Fm  B Eb 
Cm Fm 
Fm    Gm Cm 
Ya da dai dai etc 

Cm                               Fm 
How many daughters, sisters, and mothers 
                               B           Eb 
Have given their lives for the things they believe 
Cm                                  Fm 
Mighty as lions they fight for each other 
                            B      Eb 
For freedom and justice and equality 

Fm                        Eb          Fm 
We`ll carry the banner as sisters and brothers 
B                                    Eb 
Waking the world to the light of the day 
   Fm                         Cm           B 
As friends and companions, as comrades and lovers 
Eb              Gm          Cm 
Arbeter froyen, show us the way 

Cm Fm 
Fm B Eb 
Cm Fm 
Fm B Eb 

Fm                        Eb        Fm 
Helft undz di velt fun ir shmuts derheybn! 
B                        Eb 
Ales opfern, vos undz iz lib 
   Fm              Cm       B 
Kemfn tsuzamen, vi mekhtike leybn 
Eb                                Gm     Cm 
Far frayhayt, far glaykhhayt, far undzer printsip! 

Cm Fm 
Fm  B Eb 
Cm Fm 
Fm   Gm Cm 
Ya da dai dai etc 

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