Daniel Ingram

So Many Wonders

Daniel Ingram

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So Many Wonders

C            F                 G 
What is this place filled with so many wonders 
C           F          G                Bb 
Casting its spell that I am now under 

Eb               Ab            Bb          Eb 
Squirrels in the trees and the cute little bunnies 
Eb           Ab       Bb              G 
Birds flying free and bees with their honey honey 

G            F 
Oooh what a magical place 
     Dm                G 
and I owe it all to the pegasus race 
    F        C             G           F 
If I knew the ground had so much up its sleeve 
I'd have come here sooner and never leave 
   G      F    C 
Yes I Love Everything 

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