Dan Seals

Meet Me In Montana

Dan Seals

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Meet Me In Montana

	  		By: Dan Seals and Marie Osmond 
Key of Bb  (can also put a capo on 1st and play these chords as follows:  Bb-A; Eb-D; F-E; Cm-Bm; Gm-F#m; Dm-C#m) 
(Guy)  Wrote my whole life down in a notebook 
Songs about you and me 
     Eb               F            Bb 
Been singing to every soul in Tennessee 
But nobody seems to listen 
Noone ever smiles the way that you do 
     Eb                  F              Bb 
So I guess you'll never hear me on the radio 
             Eb            F      
And I'd give up this crazy dream of mine 
   Cm            F 
To hold you once more 
Bb    F   Gm      F     Eb 
Won't you meet me in Montana 
                Gm        F       Eb 
I wanna see the mountains in your eyes 
F     Gm    Eb             Gm              Dm 
Whoa, whoa I've had all of this life I can handel 
        En              Gm     F     Bb 
Meet me underneath that big Montana sky 
(Lady)  When I left home for Hollywood 
Looking for a part to play 
         Eb             F                Bb 
Well you always said I had such a pretty face 
But I guess I'm not that pretty 
Cause noone looks at me the way that you do 
                    Eb          F            Bb 
(Guy)   Well you'll always be a movie star to me 
                    Eb               F     
(Lady)  And darlin' now I guess it's time that I let 
        Cm         F 
        go of that dream 
(Lady)  Well we're stuck here 
                 F                    Bb 
        In these hills that they call mountains 
                    Eb                F           
(Guy)   But darlin' back home in your arms is right where 
        Cm      F 
(Both)  I wanna be.... 
chorus                        F    Eb 
chorus... 3rd time starts:  "In Montana, I wanna see... (fade) 

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