Dan Seals

God Must Be A Cowboy

Dan Seals

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God Must Be A Cowboy

Capo on 1st fret
Recorded by Dan Seals 
st FRET; KEY: G#; PLAY: G 
G a campfire, some C coffee 
>From a G tin cup in my G7 hand 
C Sure warms the fingers when it's G cold ...{G7} 
G a-playin' an C old guitar 
A G friend I under-{G7} stand 
A7 Sure smoothes the wrinkles in my D soul ...{D7} 
A-{G} sleepin' in the C moonlight 
A G blanket for my G7 bed  
C Leaves a peaceful feelin' in my G mind ...{G7} 
G Wakin' up in the C mornin'  
   with an G eagle over-{Em} head 
Makes me G want to fly a-{D} way be-{D7} fore my G time  
And I think G God must be a cow-{G7} boy at C heart 
He made D wide open D7 spaces from the G start ...{D7} 
He made G grass and trees and moun-{G7} tains  
   And a C horse to be a friend 
And D trails to lead old cow-{D7} boys home a-{G} gain ...{G7} 
C Night life and big cities 
Is al-{G} right for awhile G7 
C Sure makes you feel good when you're G there ...{G7} 
But the C country's so pretty 
It goes G on and on for Em miles 
A7 takes away my troubles and my D cares ...{D7} 
And D trails to lead old cow-{D7} boys home a-{G} gain. 

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