Cymbals Eat Guitars

Definite Darkness

Cymbals Eat Guitars

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Definite Darkness

Intro: F C D (3x) 

 F               C        -         D              F 
Bring me to the world of guilt and sorrow for the races tonight 
           F                       C         -        D         F 
Where the boats go cutting through undulating mirror images of incandescent spires 
     F                 C      -     D              F 
The roads there are parabolas with nameless water towers near the exits 
           F                        C     -     D               F 
You-could-turn it all on end still wouldn't be taller than the biotic arch at the crown of creation 

Am    -    G      -       F 
There are people who put dirty hypodermic needles 
Am    -      G      -     F 
Between the seat cushions in the movie theaters 
Am   -  G   -    F               D                      F 
We all have the same dream the night that we contract it... 

C                            F 
So maybe I've been sleeping less at your place 
            C                            F 
Since that man's last panicked screams startled us awake 
 C                      Am 
We're paralyzed as the cop cars arrived 
F             -Am           G             C                     F 
Casting slow-spinning mobiles on your ceiling, three colors we watched the frozen moon 
C                    Am 
In daylight I stare past your eyes' lenses 
F        -Am     G                   C               F 
Windows framing solar wind rustling ivy on painted pink buildings 

            F          C      -      D        F 
I've been hearing the soft step of gray-eyed governess 
            F                         C       -        D                     F 
But I know you know the physical form of the moaning alarms coming from the Air Force base 
    F           C    -   D           F 
A skinless and sinewy leviathan all terrible contraction and release 
 F-Am                        G                  C            F 
Debasement ringed in banner plane exhaust and scattering V's, of geese  

Outro: F Am G C F  Am D/F#    

(F C D7 F)  (Am F C) (4x)  Am D/F# F  (G F) (3x)  (C Am F C) 

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