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The Curse of Curves Chords

Cute Is What We Aim For

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by cepinhausa

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The Curse of Curves

  		Entra direto na musica, sem introducao. Comeca batendo leve, depois entra num ritimo facil. Soh ouvir a musica. 

D                    A 
I've got the gift of one liners 
Bm                          G 
And you've got the curse of curves 
D9                  A 
And with this gift I compose words 
Bm                          G 
And the question that comes forward 
D                  A               Bm 
Are you perspiring from the irony 
Or sweating to these lyrics 
And this just in 
You're a dead fit 
Bm         G 
But my wit won't allow it 
The inside lingo had me at hello 
Bm                  A 
And we go where the money goes 
G                Bm 
The inside lingo had me at hello 
D               A 
And we go where the money goes 

D              G 
I want someone provocative and talkative 
Bm                         A 
But it's so hard when you're shallow as a shower 
D                  A                      G 
And from what I've heard with skin you'll win 

Her bone structure screams 
A           D 
"Touch her! Touch her!" 
And she's got the curse of curves 
Bm                            A 
So with the combination of my gift with one liners 
And my way 
My way with words 
Bm                      A 
It seems I'm too hip to keep tight lipped 
D9                       G 
And you're on the gossip team 
Bm7                            A9 
You're making something out of nothing 
D9                             G 
And jealousy's the cousin, the cousin of greed 


Bm                         G 
We All have teeth that can bite underneath 
D                    G 
To where the reality grows 
                   D9       A 
Yeah, that's where mine go  
             Bm      G 
that's where mine go              X2 


Cifrada por Eric Westphal.

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