Oh Yeah Maybe Baby


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Oh Yeah Maybe Baby

	  		Oh Yeah Maybe Baby:The Crystals. 
B-Side of There's No Other (Like My Baby) 
#20 on BB Hot 100 on PHILLIES Records 
in 1961. 

Intro: F 

F                         Dm 
Oh, you make me lovesick, that's for sure. 
Bb                            C 
And I've got a funny feeling, I don't wanna  
                F                 Dm 
find a cure and oh, yeah..may-yay-yay-be,  
Am7     Bb                     C    Am7 
may-yay-yay-be..I'm falling in love. 

F                      Dm 
I don't need a doctor, need no pills. 
Bb                           C 
But I've got a funny feeling and a fever and  
               F                 Dm 
the chills and oh, yeah..may-yay-yay-be.. 
       Bb                     C 
ba-yay-yay-by, I'm falling in love-ah-ove 
       Am7  F 
ah-ove with you. 

Dm               Bb      C               Dm7 F 
Give me all your kisses, hold me in your ar--ams. 
Dm                  G 
Cause I've grown susceptible to your many  
C       Bb  C 

F                       Dm             Bb 
Got the heebie-jeebies, got the shakes and I've got  
a funny feeling, that you got just what it takes and 
F                 Dm             Bb 
oh,, I'm falling  
   C                    Am7  F 
in love-ah-ove..ah-ove, with you-oo-oo-oo-oo. 


F                 Dm             Bb 
Oh, yeah,'m falling  
   C                    Am7  F              Dm 
in love-ah-ove..ah-ove..wïth you..oh-oh-oh, baby.. 
            Bb                      C 
I-ah-ah-I'm falling..I'm falling in love..(Fade.) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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