Crystal Gayle

Take Me Home

Crystal Gayle

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Take Me Home

Capo on 1st fret

G  C  G  Am D 

Verse 1:

G Bm C G Take me home you silly boy G Am D D7 Put your arms around me G Bm C B7 Em Take me home you silly boy Am D All the world's not around without you

Verse 2:

G Cmaj7 I'm so sorry that I broke your heart G C D Please don't leave my si-I-Ide G C B Em Take me home you silly boy Am D G C G Am7 D Cause I'm still in love with you

Verse 3:

G Bm C G How can you close your eyes and say good night G Am7 D7 And go to sleep without me G C B Em I can only think of you Am D7 D G Darlin? don't you dream about me G C Please don't make me someone you once knew G C D Can't you hear me cry-y-y G C B7 Em And take me home you silly boy Am D G C G Cause I'm still in love with you

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