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Anything At All Chords

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

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by Nick+D

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Anything At All

  		F            G7/F         C/F 

F            G7/F         C/F          G7/F 
Anything you want to know,   just ask me. 
         F     G7/F                 C/F   G7/F 
I'm the world's    most opinionated man. 
I'll give you an answer if I can catch one 
        C/Bb                         Am7  Am7/F   Gm11 
passing through that feels right for you. 
F            G7/F         C/F            G7/F 
Anything you want to know,   just ask me. 
It's worth every cent it costs. 
        Bmaj7                  Am7 
And you know, it's free for you. 
Special deal. 

Dm7    Ab    Bb Dm7    Eb    Ab6  Abmaj7/5-  Ab  Bbsus2 Dm7 Eb/Ab   

F                         Fmaj7                          F6 
Anything you want to know,     it should be perfectly clear. 
                          Dm7                         Bb/C 
You see, just beneath the surface of the wind there's more mud here. 
Gm7         F            G/F         Fmaj7                      G/F 
   Is there anything you want to know     on any subject at all? 
                  Dm7                      Bbmaj9       Am7 
I've got time for one more question here before I fall, fall. 
Gm7                     Dm  
   Is there anything at all? 


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