Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

49 Bye-Byes

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

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49 Bye-Byes

	  		Intro: B  Esus4  A  E  G#m 
B          Esus4   A        E 
Forty nine reasons all in a line 
B 	      Esus4     A   E       G#m 
All of them good ones all of them lies 
B                Esus4      A         E 
Driftin' with my lady we're oldest of friends 
B 	        Esus4            A   E      G#m 
Need a little work and there's fences to mend 
B           Esus4 
Steady girl be my world (Steady girl) 
B                      Esus4 
'Till the drifter come now she's gone (Be my world) 
B             Esus4 
I let that man play his hand (Drifter come) 
B				    F# 
I let them go how was I to know? (Now you're gone) 
 			    F#7            B      Intro 
I'm down on my knees, nobody left to please 
Now it's over they left in the spring 
Her and the drifter looking for beautiful things 
{Instrumental (Electric Guitar and Organ)} 
On my knees, Feeling wrong 
             F#    C#  E 
Mama's gone, oh ... 
B    G#m  F# 
Bye, bye baby (Bye, bye baby) 
A  E                      B 
Write if you think of it maybe 
B      G#m  F# 
Know I love you (Know I love you) 
A  E                      B 
Go if it means that much to you 
Hey, but you can run baby 
       E                 D                  A  sus4 
If the feeling's wrong before too long it's crazy 
           B                      A                          B 
And you're trapped, babe, and you know that's not where it's at, babe 
            A                       E         B  
You're just seein' things through a cat's eye, baby 
              A   B 
That's not my old lady 
            Esus4   B  
Come on and tell me baby 
            Esus4   B 
You better tell me baby 
Who do you 
C#         E   
Who do you love? 
Time will tell us 
Who is trying to sell us 
Bye, bye baby (Bye, bye, bye, bye baby) 
Write if you think of it maybe 
Hey, but you can run baby... 
By Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 


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