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Its just a thought Chords

Creedence Clearwater Revival

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by europeu

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Its just a thought

  		Intro:   D  Db  B   E  Eb  Db 
E  A   E   A 
It's just a thought 
          A 		       E 
But I've noticed somethin' strange, 
          D    Db    B 
Gettin' harder to explain, 
E    		    Eb           Db 
All the years are passin' by and by, 
E                 A		  E 
Still I don't know what makes it go, 
G            D		     A 
Who said to wait and you'll see? 
It's just a thought, 
But I wondered if you knew, 
That the song up there is you. 
They can't take it from you if you don't  give it away, 
Don't give it away, Ooooh, it's given away. 
Bridge:  E Eb D Db C D E 
	Db (E) A (E) E (E)    E 	  bass plays notes in brackets 
It's just a thought, 
But the word has come too late, 
That a bad idea will take, 
Just about a lifetime to explain. 
And don't you see, 
Good one's gonna be much longer, 
Who's gonna wait, just to see? 
E Eb D Db C B__F#  E 
bridge again:  E Eb D Db C D E 
               Db (E) A (E) E (E) 
E  G   A   B 
fade out with B 


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