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Hello Marylou Chords

Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Hello Marylou

G C Hello Mary Lou, goodbye heart G D Sweet Mary Lou I'm so in love with you G C I knew Mary Lou we'd never part G D G C G So hello Mary Lou goodbye heart
G Passed me by one sunny day C Flashed those bring brown eyes my way G D And ooh I wanted you forever more G I'm not one to gaze around C Swear my feet stuck to the ground G D G C G And though I never do meet you before Cho... I said.... Inst verse.... All your dates might hurt the boys Believe me I just had no choice My heart just wouldn't let me stay away Talk about a moonlit night On the run you do look nice And all I had to see from you to say Cho.... Hey hey.... Repeat last line of chorus Dan Nicholas Arnprior, On. Canada [email protected]

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