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Far Side Bank of Jordan Chords

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Far Side Bank of Jordan

Year: 1994 - Album: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

(Terry Smith)

A                              E7 
I believe my steps are growing wearier each day, 
Still, Iíve got a journey on my mind. 
Cares of this old world have ceased to make me want to stay, 
And my one regret is leaving you behind. 

A                                  E7 
If it proves to be his will that I am first to go, 
And somehow Iíve a feeling it will be. 
When it comes your time to travel likewise donít you feel lost, 
                                     A   E  A 
For I will be the first one that you see. 

A And Iíll be waiting on the far side banks of Jordan. D A Iíll be waiting drawing pictures in the sand. E7 A And when I see you coming I will rise up with a shout, D A E7 And come running through the shallow waters reaching for A your hand.
Through this world we have labored hard to earn our meager fare, Itís brought us trembling hands and failing eyes. Iíll just rest here on the shore and turn my eyes away, Until you come and then weíll see paradise. Chorus (2x)

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