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	  		(C) Come (G7) on a-(C) long, and we'll go down 
To a (C7) place in (G) Texas called Cow-(C) town 
You'll (G7) never (C) meet a stranger there 
Everybody (G) knows when you're a-(C) round. 
They'll (F) meet you and they'll greet you 
With a (C) great big "How you all!" 
In (D) just a little (D7) while 
You'll (G) get that Texas (G7) drawl. 
{P} Their hats are (C) white, and their boots are brown 
You'll just (C7) love this (G) place - called Cow-(C) town. 
(C) No matter where you may (G) wander 
No matter (G7) where you may (C) roam 
There's a place way out (G) yonder 
I'm goin' there to (G7) make it my (C) home. 
TAG: Repeat last line of chorus. 


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