Cowoby Jack


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Cowoby Jack

	  		G                 C 
There was a lonely cowboy 
       D                  G 
With a heart so brave and true 
He learned to love a maiden 
     D                    G 
With eyes of heaven's own blue 
They learned to love each other 
And named their wedding day 
But a quarrel came between them 
And Jack, he rode away. 
He joined a band of cowboys 
And tried to forget her name 
Out on the lonely prairie, 
She waits for him the same 
One night when work was finished 
Just at the close of day, 
Someone said 'sing a song Jack. 
To drive your Tears away' 
When Jack Began his singing 
His mind it wondered back 
He sang a song of a maiden 
Who waited for her Jack. 
G                          C 
Your sweetheart waits for you Jack 
      D                   G 
Your sweetheart waits for you 
Out on the lonely prairie 
      D                   G 
Your sweetheart waits for you 
Jack left the camp next morning, 
Breathing his sweetheart's name 
For he'd go and ask forgiveness 
for he know he was to blame. 
When he reached the lonely prairie, 
He found a new made mound, 
His friends they sadly told him, 
They laid his loved one down. 
They said as she lay dying 
Breathing here sweethearts name 
And told them with her last breath 
To tell him when he came 
C                          C 
Your sweetheart waits for you Jack, 
      D                   G 
Your sweetheart waits for you 
Out on the lonely prairie 
      D                G 
Where skies are always blue 


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