Cotton Jones

Cotton And Velvet

Cotton Jones

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Cotton And Velvet

	  		Intro: Em D G  

Em                      D   G 
I was dreamin' of ships in the evenin' sun. 
Em                      D    G 
My tongue on the ocean, made me feel all numb. 

Em                    D   G 
There was no sadness, honey nothing was wrong. 
Em                     D   G 
Just cotton and velvet you know I need not a song. 

C                               D    G 
Now the poet barks, got a mouth full of stars, 
C                                        D   G 
says you better find someone before it's too dark. 

Em                D   G 
Oh, milky flowers under the sun. 
Em                      D  G 
We, the king of nowheres, still on the run. 

Em                 D  G 
Imaginary heroes, goddamn I'm as lonely as one. 
Em                                      D  G 
I once was talkin' to the bluebirds. Oh honey where have I gone? 

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chords Cotton Jones - Cotton And Velvet
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