Corinne Bailey Rae

The Blackest Lily

Corinne Bailey Rae

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The Blackest Lily

	  		(baixo) Am 

I didn't know what the day was 
I didn't know what time it was 
I didn't know what my heart would do 
F                                  E 
 I was afraid of nothing when you called me on the telephone 

I was creature of appetites 
We played a game that you didn't like 
   There wasn't nothing that I couldn't do 
  I can be so bad, I can be so bad just 
F                              E 
  took it away and we broke it in two 

Color my heart, color my heart 
Make it restart, make it restart 
Am7                                        D7 
Color my heart, I want it more than I ever knew 
  The blackest lily, the blackest pony 
Won't protect my heart from you 

(mesmas notas da 2ª estrofe) 
You were unnerving and delicate 
And I weakness for etiquette 
You laid a trail that led straight to your door 
And I could resist but it was hard to endure 

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