Corey Voss

Nothing But The Blood Chords

Corey Voss

Difficulty: EasyEasy


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Nothing But The Blood

Intro: G C/G 

verse 1 
To the sinners ears it may sound strange 
That freedom could be found through death and pain 
G/B                              Em              Dsus 
Why sinless perfection took the blame , But Hallelujah 

verse 2 
For our pardon it would take the cross 
Salvation paid for at the highest cost 
G/B                               Em              Dsus 
Our redemption gained at heaven?s loss  Oh Hallelujah 

C G What can wash away my sin Dsus Em Nothing but the blood Nothing but the blood C G What can make me whole again Dsus Nothing but the blood
verse 3 G There is nothing strong enough to stand C/G Against what love has done with outstretched hands G/B Em Dsus For now salvation flows for every man Oh Halleujah verse 4 G And whosoever calls upon this name C/G Will find their guilt and burden rolled away G/B Em Dsus They?ll rise up to their feet forever changed Singing Hallelujah Bridge Am Em Every chain and fetter broken C G Just one drop can make us clean Am Em Dsus There is nothing it can?t rescue and redeem Am Em It has triumphed over darkness C G Crushing every enemy Am Em Dsus Bringing healing, bringing freedom, bringing peace Outro Cmaj7 G/B Dsus Oh the blood of Je - sus Cmaj7 G/B Dsus Oh the blood of Je - sus Cmaj7 Oh the blood of Jesus

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