Corey Kilgannon

Doubters Prayer Chords

Corey Kilgannon

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by victborges

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Doubters Prayer

C F F C 
C F G 
C G F C 
C F G 

Verse: 1 
    C          F      F C 
Our Father who art in Heaven 
C           F         G 
Why are You so far away? 
     C         G        F   C 
Cuz I'd trade all my daily bread 
     C               F             G 
For just a chance to hear You explain 
Em                            Am   G  F 
What it is You meant when You said it will be 
   C           F     G    C 
On Earth as it is in Heaven 

C F F C 
C F G 

Verse: 2 

C        F         F    C 
Father, please forgive me 
    C            F               G 
For doubting the words that You say 
     C              E7         F             C 
It's just that I've never felt much of anything 
    C         F          G 
Whenever I've tried to pray 
Em                               Am  F  G 
Were You being honest when You said You would lead me 
C          F C 
Out of temptation? 

C F F C 
C F G 
C G F C 
C F C 

Verse: 3 
C       F             F C 
Father, Yours be the glory 
   C        F        G 
If You even have the strength 
   C           E7     F           C 
To use such a crooked person like me 
   C            F           G 
To do more than damage Your name 
     Em                              Am   G  F 
Your kingdom's really coming in the end (let me be with You) 
      Am   G  F 
No I don't deserve to 
   C        F 
Forever and ever 
Fm C 

Outro: Fm C 

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