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John Beyers Chords

Colter Wall

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by bombaXXX

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John Beyers

  		INTRO: D        G        A   G   D  

verse 1 

D                        G 
John Beyers blew three holes in my ride 
       A                    G           D 
He put two in the tires and one in the side 
D                  G 
Side panel of my 1969 
A                    G           D 
Camaro, and so it's John I must find 

verse 2 

D                                 G 
So I hopped in Pop's pick-up and cranked up the heat 
        A                   G           D 
Got a clean .22 and some shells in the seat 
D                              G 
And I lit up the dark and I shifted her down 
A                                  G           D 
This southside Swift Current boy's northside-bound 

A G D John Beyers just bought him a whole mess of pain A G D He's a fool if he thinks he can do this again D G 'Cause I'm crossin' that track just as soon as this train A G D Pulls out of the rail yard, ol' John's gonna pay
OUTRO: D G A G D (x2)

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