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Key:  C#m More
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Capo on 4th fret

Am F C Em7 
Am F C G 
Am F C Em7 
Am F G 
Am F G 

verse 1 
   Am         F 
We see people coming 
   C          Em7 
We see people go 
        Am      F         C     G 
This particular timing is extra special 
       Am           F 
I know you might be gone 
        C             Em7 
And the world may not know 
        Am        F      C G 
Still I see you celestial 
Am F C G 
Am F C G 
       Am       F 
Like a lion you ran 
C          Em7 
Goddess he wrote 
        Am        F 
Like an eagle you circle 
C          G 
Perfect of all 
       Am               F 
So how come things move on? 
    C               Em7 
How come cars don?t slow? 
        Am             F          G 
When it feels like the end of the world 
       Am           F             G 
When I should but I can?t let you go 

Am F C Em7 But when I?m cold, cold Am F C G When I?m cold, cold Am F There?s a light that you give me C Em7 When I?m in shadows Am F G It?s a feeling of ever, everglow
Am F C G Am F C G verse 2 Am F We?re brothers in that C Em7 The sisters you write Am F When we stroll on that land C G We?ll be friends ?til we die Am F With the changing of winds C Em7 And the way waters flow Am F G Life is shortest in fall, in the snow Am F G I know I?m going to miss you, I know
Am F C Em7 But when I?m cold, cold Am F C G Yeah, all alone, the sun Am F And I know that you?re with me C Em7 Am F G And the way you show, when you?re with me wherever I go Am F G But you give me this feeling, it?s everglow
Bridge Am F C Em7 Am F C G Am F C Em7 Am F G Oh, what I would give for just a moment to know Am F G Yeah, I live for this feeling, it?s everglow Outro Am F C Em7 Am F C G Am F C Em7 So if you love someone, you should let them know Am F G Oh, the light that you left me will everglow

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