Christmas Is Now Drawing Near


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Christmas Is Now Drawing Near

	  		Artist: Coil 
Title: Christmas Is Now Drawing Near 

Christmas is now drawing near at hand  

Come serve the Lord and be at His command  
Bb                                Eb 
And God a portion for you will provide  
And give a blessing to your soul besides 
Down in the garden where flowers grow in ranks  

Down on your bended knees and give the Lord thanks  
Bb                                         Eb 
Down on your knees and pray both night and day  
Leave off your sins and live upright I pray 

So proud and lofty is some sort of sin  

Which many take delight and pleasure in  
Bb                                 Eb 
Whose conversation God doth much dislike  
And yet He shakes His sword before He strikes 

So proud and lofty do some people go  

Dressing themselves like players in the show  
Bb                         Eb 
They patch and paint and dress with idle stuff  
As if God had not made them fine enough 

Even little children learn to curse and swear  

And can't rehearse one word of godly prayer  
Bb                                      Eb 
Oh teach them better, oh teach them to rely  
On Christ the sinner's friend who reigns on high 

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