Cliff Richard

Living Doll

Cliff Richard

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Living Doll

Year: 2000 - Album: Best of Cliff Richard

	  		Cliff Richard 
Living Doll 
Got myself a cryin' talkin' sleepin' walkin' livin' doll 
                                                      B7          E7 
Got to do the best to please her just 'cause she's a living doll 
              A                           F#7 
Got a rovin' eye and that is why she satisfies my soul 
                 A             E7           A 
Got the one and only walkin' talkin' livin' doll 
                    D                             A 
Take a look at her hair it's real if you don't believe what I say just feel 
                D                                 E                  E7   
Gonna' lock her up in a trunk so no big hunk can steal her away from me 
(Repeat Chorus ) 

(Repeat Verse) 
(Repeat Chorus ) 
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