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When You Wish Upon a Star Chords

Cliff Edwards

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by Rowane

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When You Wish Upon a Star

	  C        A7/9-   Dm7+  Dm7 
When you wish up-on a star, 
G         Cdim(IV) Cdim      C 
Makes no diff'rence who you are, 
C     C/B       Am7   A7sus4  A7 
An-y-thing your heart  de - sires 
     Dm7  G   C      Dm7   G7 
Will come to you. 
C       A7/9-    Dm7+     Dm7 
If your heart is in your dream, 
G    Cdim(IV) Cdim    C 
No request is  too extreme, 
 Em      Em7      A7   Dm 
When you wish up-on a star 
A7  Dm7   G   C 
As dream-ers do. 
Dm7  G      Em   A7/9- G     F7/5-     Cdim       C     Am 
Fate   is kind;        she brings to those who love 
   D7          Dm7             G    Cdim  G   G7 
The sweet fulfillment of their se - cret long-ing. 
 C     A7/9-    Dm7+    Dm7 
Like a bolt out of the blue, 
 G       Cdim(IV)   Cdim      C 
Fate steps  in  and sees you through; 
 Em7     Cdim   Dm7  A7/9- 
When you wish upon a star, 
      Dm7   G     C 
Your dreams come true. 


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