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Come Holy Spirit Chords

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Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by danielc1989

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Come Holy Spirit

	  G                                               C  
Come Holy Spirit fall on me now  
G                                                              C  
I need Your anointing come in Your p’wer  
Am7                       D              G   D/F#            Em  
I love You Holy Spirit, You’re captivating my soul  
        Am7           A/C#                         D 
And everyday I grow to love You more  

I’m reaching for Your heart  
       (D/F#)     Em  
You hold my life in Your hands  
Drawing me closer to You  
                   Am            D  
I feel Your power renewed  
                       Bm            Em  
Nothing compares to this place  
                         C            G/B        Amaj7  
Where I can see You face to face  
    C                        D                    G  
I worship You in Spirit and in truth  


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