City And Colour

Wasted Love

City And Colour

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Wasted Love

Capo on 2nd fret

verse 1: 

Cm              G#                      Cm 
Careless love, quit pouring honey in my ears 
G#                             Cm 
You're speaking diamonds crystal clear 
G#                   Cm       G# 
So far away I want you near 

G# Crying out for more Cm Just a little more G# Tied down on the floor A# Like a prisoner of war G# Cm (Oh) I've been down so long G# Day is nearly gone A# I must carry on G# With this wasted love
verse 2: Cm G# Cm Careless love, there's more to say than should be said G# Cm Can't get these words straight in my head G# Cm G# You make me feel so powerless Chorus Solo Cm A# Cm A#

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