City And Colour

Missing Serraville

City And Colour

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Missing Serraville

Capo on 5th fret
	  		Tuning: D A D G B e 


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Intro e|----3-2---------------0-2-3-5---2h3---0-2-3--------| B|-------3----------3----------------3--------3/5----| G|--------2-4---2-4----------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------| e|---3-2------3-2----------------------7-5---10-7-5--------------| B|------3--------3---3--------3-5-7-8-----5--------5-------------| G|-------2-4------2-4--4-2-2h4-------------------------2---------| D|---------------------------------------------------------2-----| A|---------------------------------------------------------2-----| D|---------------------------------------------------------------| e|-0--0-0--0-0-0---0--0--0---0--0--0--0--0--0--0---0--0--0---0--0-0-0-| B|-0--0-0--0-0-0---0--3--3---0--0--0--0--0--0--0---0--3--3---0--0-0-0-| G|-0--0-0--0-0-0---0--0--0---0--0--0--0--0--0--0---0--0--0---0--0-0-0-| D|-4--4-4--5/4-4---2--2--4---4--5--5--4--2--0--2---2--2--4---4--5-4-4-| A|-2--0h2--2-2-0---3--3--3---2--2--2--2--2--2--2---3--3--3---2--2-2-0-| D|-0--0h2--2-2-0---x--x--x---0--0--5--4--2--0--2---x--x--x---0--0-0-0-|
Em9 Emadd9 So, now you?re not there C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 But your ghost Em9 Still burns in the air Emadd9 And finally above us the waves C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 Have come Em9 To take you away Em9 Emadd9 C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 Em9 Emadd9 And with this song I say goodbye C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 And thank you for Em9 What you?ve done to my life Em/G Em9/F# Em2 And finally I?ll say it with love C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 I hope you?re at rest Em9 In the stars above Em9 Emadd9 C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 And I don?t understand what you died for Em9 Emadd9 C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 We still could have given so much more Em9 Emadd9 C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 I know you were something I could never be Em9 Emadd9 C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 I know you?re still there watching over me Em9 Emadd9 C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 Now, now Em9 Emadd9 C7M Cadd9 Cmaj9 Now, now, now Em/G Em9/F# Em9 That?s all, folks.

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