City And Colour

Lover Come Back

City And Colour

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Lover Come Back

Capo on 3rd fret

Intro: C/G  Dm   Fmaj7/C  C/G 

C/G                 Dm 
Bound for trouble, from the start 
I've been walking through this old world, 
in the dark 
C/G              Dm 
All along, right by my side 
There you were shining 
my ray of light 

C/G I sing, lover come back Dm lover come back to me Fmaj7/C Wont you ever come back C/G Ever come back to me C/G How could I have been so foolish Dm to let you leave? Fmaj7/C Lover come back C/G Lover come back to me
C/G Dm I'll never be as good as I'd like to be Fmaj7/C C/G Eternally restless, refusing to believe C/G But I think that we missed our connection Dm I wanted to feel your affection Fmaj7/C C/G Until my final days Am I am warm enough Fmaj7/C yet I still shiver Dm Fmaj7/C I am fed but still I starve Am Fmaj7/C You know me I am the great misgiver Dm Fmaj7/C Always waiting on the clouds to part

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