Citizens & Saints

Doubting Doubts

Citizens & Saints

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Doubting Doubts

Intro F#m D A E 

verse 1 

F#m                      D       A      E 
I keep searching for the answers to my doubts 
F#m                          D           A      E 
It's like I'm caught between belief and wanting out 

verse 2 

F#m                           D          A      E 
There's this promise that my soul just cannot shake 
F#m                            D       A      E 
That I am loved despite the struggles of my faith 

A D And now that my eyes are open A D I can see that I am stronger broken A D You're the mystery that I put my hope in F#m D A E The more I seek, the more I find
verse 3 F#m D A E Don't want to live like I'm an orphan with no bed F#m D A E Still I keep searching for a place to rest my head
A D But I have all I've ever needed A D Help me trust beyond what I'm not seeing A D To be content with all this grace You've given A D A D In my weakness You are strong A D A D In my weakness You are strong
Bridge E D Your grace is my sole sufficiency E D Your power is made perfect when I'm weak
A D Just want to shout it out for the world to hear it A D That I'm His kid no matter what I'm feeling A D I'm doubting doubts I just cannot help believing A D F#m E And I am loved no matter what A D F#m E I am loved no matter what A D I am loved no matter what! F#m E Woah! Woah! A D Woah! Woah! F#m E Woah! Woah! A D Woah! Woah-oh!

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