Still Shut My Eyes


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Still Shut My Eyes


You start off the song with just F and Am listen to the song its self explanatory ( F,Am,F,Am)  
You  strum once for each chord 

Maybe I'm too quick to guess, 
Throwing words again. 
I keep cutting ties with my piece of mind  
So I can get this out. 

Am                G 
At times I count myself out, 
Am              G                 F 
Wait for days till I can be found. 
Am                 G 
At times I'm just down and out, 
Am            G                   F 
Wait for days till I can be found. 
Once I'm alive again, 
G                         Am      
Once I'm alive I start to love again, 
G                       F  
But I still shut my eyes. 

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