Christopher Cross


Christopher Cross

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	  		Intro C4  C  C4  C  

Am             G        F 
All across the sky the mysteries of faith 
Am            G          F 
Fossils of desire all assume their rightful place 
             C                Dm   
Is there any danger in their fire  
             F                C 
Is there any solace in their wake 
               F                 G                        F   C 
Could it really make a world of difference for goodness' sake  

Am               G          F  
Train rolls a cappella to a sympathetic moon 
Am           G          F 
Carrying the stories of every heart - earned wound 
                C            Dm       
Will there be a lover at the station  
                F                C 
Will there be a last conductor's call 
                  F          G             F  C 
Will there really be a happy ending after all  

To the rendezvous (to the rendezvous) 
Gm             C7 
Fortunes to be told 
To the rendezvous (to the rendezvous) 
Gm           C7 
Wonders to behold 
       Dm                 Am 
Onto a place where we can find 
        Gm                C7 
Maybe a trace of peace of mind 
Bb           F/A      Gm      F 
To the rendezvous all in good time 

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